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Spiritual Magician
Risen Divine Goddess

I have created so much magic in my own life and now I'm here to help humanity unleash their magnificence! I've assisted many Starseeds & Lightworkers globally with manifesting miracles in their lives. Many refer to me as MAGIC.

With all my wisdom from lifetimes combined I've become an Ascension Expert, Multidimensional Channel, Master Healer and Teacher who is here to help shift and lead humanity. I have the ability to fully speak and understand the language of light and frequency, which makes it really easy for me to understand all aspects of the human experience and the vessel.


I’ve managed to unlock memories and gifts from my time in the Cosmos and many lifetimes here on Earth, including Lemuria and Atlantis. My work, in this lieftime, started in my early teens over 24 years ago in this lifetime. This will be my last incarnation here on Earth and I will be leaving as an Ascended Master. Before my exit, I have been assigned a mission of teaching Self Mastery to everyone who is willing and ready.

All the content I create is designed to bring through exactly what Starseeds & Lightworkers need at a given time during this great Ascension. Containing powerful activations, light codes, keys, unlocking memories & magical gifts. Allowing you to come home to yourself and experience freedom.


So much love and light,

Elda xo


One-on-one sessions are currently unavailable.

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