New Earth Training

Activate Your Merkaba(h)
Learn Spiritual Shape-Shifting

October 15th 2022
LIVE Zoom Training

This is a very advanced training for SERIOUS Ascension Students, that if you are reading this you are ready for! Stop playing small and allow yourself to fully flourish. In this training, you will receive the entire Ascension Keys curriculum (scroll below), which we will briefly cover and then we will dive very deep into Spiritual Shape-Shifting and Activating the Merkaba(h).

What is Spiritual Shape-Shifting?


Vibrating with something that is whole and pure and then beginning to shift that vibration into an area of your life or your vessel. Shifting does not mean taking. You are mimicking the high vibration in order to better another aspect of your life. This does not go against any Universal Laws.


I've been a Master of Spiritual Shape-Shifting for a very long time. I just didn't realize it. Instead of using it to enlighten my life, I was using it to make situations worse. Once I was aware of my incredible ability to Spiritually Shape-Shift, I was able to turn thongs around very quickly. 

What is the Merkaba(h)?

It is the energy where everything is realized composed of the feminine (bottom) and masculine (top) tetrahedrons. It is the greater energy field that surrounds our body beyond the auric field. Once activated, you gain full access to ALL Source energy, the Earth Matrix. Your DNA is also fully turned on. Many believe, and so do I, that this is what activates the codes of IMMORTALITY. Basically, this is IT!

In the times of Atlantis everyone was able to manifest what they needed at the blink of an eye. How is that? First off there intension was pure love and also their Merkaba(h) was activated.

After activating my own Merkaba(h) and working with it for some time, I've realized that this is a MUST in order to move along the path of Ascension. 


In this LIVE training you will receive the opportunity to activate your Merkaba(h). This training will be led by Archangel Metatron. You will be given all the information you need in order to be fully prepared to use your Merkaba(h) for the Highest Good.

Your KEY 
to the 
Golden Age

Our New Earth Training program holds the Wisdom for the New Golden Age. Containing keys and codes to unlocking your authentic you. You are meant to assist humanity on this Ascension. 

You have everything you need inside of you. Elda is here to help you unlock, remember, upgrade and activate.

Elda works only with Pure Light Beings and all content is completely channeled from the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Goddess Isis containing keys and codes of Divine Wisdom, giving you the opportunity to activate your Mastery. All material is relevant for this New Golden Age.

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Become the Leader humanity needs


Who is this for?

Have you come here to do something amazing, not only for yourself, but also for humanity? If you are called here, there is a great chance that this is for you. 

All the content that Elda puts out contains keys and codes of Divine Wisdom, giving you the opportunity to activate your Mastery.

  • those who are ready to step into their power and assist humanity.

  • those who are ready to balance the Love, Light and Fuck You

  • those who are meant to be Spiritual Leaders.

  • those ready to come into complete alignment.

  • those ready to release all that no longer serves.

  • those craving to unlock their Mastery. To finally Ascend in this lifetime.

  • those being called to step up and be Golden Age Healers.

  • those wanting to heal themselves and prepare their vessels for the change to crystalline.

  • those passionate about uplifting humanity.

  • you are just being called to take this class.

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Pink Sky


Wisdom is finally ready to be revealed. This is the ULTIMATE Ascension Masterclass! This course is filled with channeled wisdom, from the Angelic Realm and the Galactics, to prepare all Starseeds and Lightworkers for the New Golden Age. This is the 5D way of living. Secrets are finally revealed!

Below is a sneak-peak of some of the content.

Part 1 - Love, Light & Fuck You

Section 1 - Cleansing

It's not just about being Love and Light. The Fuck You is what makes a fully balanced Master.

Section 2 - Mastery

Unlocking the Keys & Codes​ and full DNA Transformation.

Section 3 - Ascended Master

Death of the Ego. Surrendering the Ego. Using the Violet Flame.

Part 2 - Ascension Diet Mastery

Section 1 - Understanding

​What is the Ascension Diet?

Section 2 - The Vessel

  • Carbon to Crystalline

  • Increasing Light Levels

  • Restoration & Purification

Section 3 - Implementing Change

Learning to elevate frequency.

Part 3 - Ascension Master Healer

  • Steps to Changing the Codes

  • Becoming an Extraordinary Healer

  • Preparing Yourself for the role of a Golden Age Healer

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What's included in the 
online course


A beautiful & easy to follow 115 page pdf manual designed by Elda,
teaching audio & video,
a certificate of completion.

You'll have 88 days to complete this Masterclass from time of purchase. This will give you plenty of time to take things at your own pace. We recommend keeping a light plant-based diet and drinking plenty of alkaline water. Also resting when needed. Listen to YOUR intuition at all times.


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