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What can this app do for you?


Ascension Lift is intended to help you unlock your magnificence and allow you to finally experience freedom through discovery of self and complete alignment. You have the opportunity to experience miracles like never before. We provide guidance along your journey, which many find very comforting. Elda has helped many Starseeds globally create miracles in their lives. Now it's your turn.

Drip Content


New content unlocks as you go. This takes the confusion out of where to start in order to get the benefits out of the content. It's been beautiful designed in order to prepare you for the New Golden Age.

Community & Tracking

Join our beautiful Starseed community on the app. Here is where you can meet like-minded Beings with open hearts and pure intensions. Share you story, share your progress, share ideas. You can know track your meditation minutes and all your vibration on a daily basis.


Receive support from Elda along the way. Submit your feedback and progress.

Little Starseeds & Spiritual Parenting


Taking out the guessing and confusion as to whether you are parenting and spiritually developing in a way that will benefit them.

From the age of 0-7, children go through the imprinting process. Downloading all belief systems, habits, ideals, etc. Picking up everything they see and hear as truth.

As a mom, I know how important it is to assist in the development of your child's abilities. To keep their authenticity expanding beyond the point of imprint. 

This app includes a section where parents and children can enjoy practices to encourage spiritual development. Elda's daughter, who is 7 years old, shares some of the practices that she enjoys doing. She is an extremely gifted Being and is amazing with encouraging all to use their gifts.

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Magical Content

Within the content you may notice different perspectives being presented. This is to show that their is always choice. You have the power to choose for yourself. We promote alignment and a deep relationship with Higher Self. We are always adding and changing content making it relevant for the New Golden Age.


Watch the welcome video for FREE.

Manifestation is the #1 thing that humanity struggles with. We have put together a section filled with very powerful techniques so that you can work out what works for you. There isn’t one recipe for everyone. You magic awaits.

We will hold group Coaching Calls as needed. This is to support you along your beautiful journey to Self Mastery.

Aligned AF is a beautiful program channeled through to bring awareness and a massive Ascension lift. Discover many ways to stay deeply aligned throughout your day.

Always keeping you updated with Ascension Updates. So that you cane tap into the frequencies and use them for Self expansion and in turn helping humanity to expand in consciousness.

Elda is very well known for her powerful meditations. Some may have seen her on Insight Timer. These meditations have been upgraded with frequency background music. Making them even more powerful.

Elda speaks the language of frequency and is extremely passionate about the human vessel. Her knowledge goes beyond anything expressed on this planet. She shares some of her knowledge in Human Vessel Awareness.


**NEW Starpreneur New Earth BusinessLearn the 5D way of business.

Note: Content may change as we get further along on the path of Ascension. Elda follows the guidance of her Guides and Councils on what humanity requires at a given time.


Applying this content into your life can create miracles and massive shifts very rapidly. It is completely up to you. The more you choose to release, the more new you will have space for. The deeper you go, the more you discover. You may experience the following:

Awareness is the first step to Self Transformation.

Learning to decode all false programming.

Learning to trust and following your own guidance.

Harmonizing the Ego.

Clearing Trauma.

Self discovery. The magic of who you are.

Gaining clarity in all aspects of your life.

Releasing all blocks and chains. Clearing all the outworn. 

Maintain your highest Timeline.

Claiming your FREEDOM.

Accelerate Your Ascension.

See You on the App

Elda xoxo

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